This is me at home thinking about some ideas. Honestly.


Is it due to the immediacy of the touch screen and the ephemeral nature of modern communications which so concentrates the moment? There is, so it seems, little which has the power to distract. Palm up, neck bent, finding, covering, finding conferring, searching; but for what? Even a child in a stroller is insufficient to draw its mothers attention from her screen. The ease of communication is dissolving it’s very value. Effortless eyeball and digital retrieval of a plethora of information means there is little incentive for retention. There is a sequence of instant messaging and inconsequential reaction which precludes the absorbing of meaning. This in turn results in a lack of understanding. Now as understanding is a primary driver of discovery and learning the resulting outcome is widespread ignorance.

It is a somewhat frustrating tendency of some modern thinkers and communicators, even bloggers, to draw conclusion without reference to, or knowledge of recent social history. Frustrating for the observer of such fundamental gaps in comprehending what has gone before. In an era of repetitive hollow sloganeering it would be amusing to witness the empty echoey clanging of rhetoric from these so called enlightened ones, if the stakes were not so high. It may be worthy enough to desire equality of life. It is however dangerous folly to be empassioned of a cause which, in ignorance and delusion, one advances as if to be trail blazing. The truth I’d venture to suggest is that there is very little new thinking, however much it is felt, that the times are changing. This isn’t to say society is in a state of stasis. Far from it, society is by nature organic and dynamic. The mistake resides in the belief that social change can in some way be successfully Engineered. Unfortunately, as in the discovery of the delights of sex, ideas of radical social reform are among the horizons that young people are mistaken in their view that their role is something of that of the pioneer. Almost all reforms, systems or revolutions have already been actioned. Recent history of the twentieth century alone illustrates the point. There are few successes which have resulted in benefits for the masses. Revolution brings not change but a return to the starting point. Advancement is achieved not by revolving but by incremental linear improvement to a persons social condition. As yet the concept of mutual trade has not been made redundant. It is therefore by exchange the individual finds the means to meet the needs of living. Unfortunately not all exchamge is of equal value. Achieving equilibrium at this level is where the true challenge for society is to be found.

(C)2018 Christopher Thompson

I am who you are, we are who I am.

It may be advisable to brace yourself.
What I announce here may be 
Received as something in the nature of shock.

I have just decided
To throw this poetry
To the Wind.

#There is no guidance in board.

View it as a literal form, 
A type of psychological ejaculate,
For it too contains a message.
It is as important.

#There is no see-saw on which to ride

Feel it if it touches,
A sense of connection, communication,
For it bares a type of truth.
It will help.

#Understanding is not always required.

For all poetry contains some order of light,
In air or on paper or on screen,
By which it informs, it acknowledges truth.
Illumination comes from within.

#I know, you know, we knew all along.

Poetry is brought into existance to be shared,
The poets share themselves wholly,
The poetists shares their moments of inspiration. 
Emotions are given freely.

#I am who you are, we are who I am.

©2018  Christopher Thompson


What is it I allude to
Within the complexities of time.
The arrows of time,
The linearity of time,
Or is it space time,
Or the simple neglectful
Waste of anyones’ time?

The force or the cube
Is it theory or touch?
Bendy time.
Measurable time.
What is then to be?
Or that which, is what ever is, watchable?

And then there are the calculations.
The numb number crunching equations, evasions.

Tables and formulae,
The scalp damaging quadrilateral forth dimension,
The pulp and the neuron.
Be it Algebraic symbolism
Used to try to explain,
The cusp at the nub
Of the clot on the brain.

The despair and the culture.
Astrophysical and tyrannical
The wheel of probability
Rolls over pain to the innocent.
Whilst others watching the sky
Are looking for Simons corner.
It is probably just over there. Or it was, is.

This being the rub for,
You who are watching the past.
And are trying to figure it out.
The rain in Spain
Falls mainly, not here.
Who has such time to waste?

Time is in transit, or might be.
The delicate suffer regardless of such study.
There is the noise of death everywhere.
And the planet keeps revolving, for now.
Who has a care about The Nebular Hypothesis,
When the carers cry
“Here is another baby, Who is about to die”?

All life is short and Presidential, personal.
For the bending of light is upon each of us .
It shines over Aeons and comes past fast and is futured.
And the stars continue to laugh us off.
Because we are the late comers
Who have come to view the cosmic fireworks.

And time is of, and in our lives.
It is as fast, as it is slow.
It shudders around our newly awakened hours,
Wherein we are longing to know all things.
But is this a deadly distraction,
A collusion, a conclusion of minds,
To know the Mind of God?

© 2018    Christopher Thompson