Then I Was Cardiac Arrested.

Then I was deceived When the black veil The darkness of death Descended to receive me. Then I saw not the tunnel With the hand of welcome Beckoning, urging, I was not at the edge of paradise. Then I did not dream. The absence was total. A void to be avoided Blackness unseen. A place … Continue reading Then I Was Cardiac Arrested.

Love, there is no Bell.

It is an open contest This life of love, In which we are all contenders. We have been in training for this. Yet in a sense we are all cheated. Never to be content. If life is meant to be manoeuvres In a dark square ring, Then we are truly contestants of the heart. We … Continue reading Love, there is no Bell.

Those of us who are Poets.

Those of us who are leafing through life Are in reality like gongs in the wind of inspiration. When we are hit we bang. We also arc our world from mood to mind, Then from mind to mind. We offer ideas, or challenges, Statements of hope or fears. Insights and explanations, Tokens and figures of … Continue reading Those of us who are Poets.


Is it due to the immediacy of the touch screen and the ephemeral nature of modern communications which so concentrates the moment? There is, so it seems, little which has the power to distract. Palm up, neck bent, finding, covering, finding conferring, searching; but for what? Even a child in a stroller is insufficient to … Continue reading HISTORICAL NOT HYSTERICAL

In Pursuit of Passion (Part 1)

In Pursuit of Passion   (A Fortiori - with Greater Reason) These will not be easy lines Not easy thoughts to speak. For your loveliness will be upon them, And make them make me weak. You and I are young Yet already You have had a thousand poems, Written in love for you. But how many … Continue reading In Pursuit of Passion (Part 1)