The Last Ever To Die

Somewhere, I am sure, There is a calmness within. A quelled silence, A stone's stillness. As a lighter touch At the anvils' beak. So there is to be a finale. A fourth fool taken, To the most peaceful of places. For we are all just assemblies in a field, Which was once a forest, Or … Continue reading The Last Ever To Die


Remember to step carefully On the wounded and the fallen, So as not to Further Rub salt into their wounds. Lest we forget Due to our progress, We the people of their future, The sacrifice thus made Overarches our contentment. We are sorely touched By that Winter Campaign. They are all a distant Resemblance of … Continue reading Inheritance,


Down down to the root. At the root, a rooting tooting dream. A demon... The drivel of life is sucked upward to the sky. This is the place of transformation. Osmotic pressure to produce, to provide. And the simple pleasures? Tough to divide, Cellular and to the point. Conceivable, linear. The drum beat of the … Continue reading Hark

Harmonics of life.

I am at the edge of the piano The dark edge of the encasement. I linger at the tough end of the wedge And hint in my tiny voice Of my enlightenment. This is in stark contrast To the woodland of youth. The long felled concrete jungle Where I cut my health. Nothing is black … Continue reading Harmonics of life.