Pn On or Om?

That I know not From where this soul originated, Being neither apostle or acolyte, I concede a doubt. This is not quite as unbelievable As deepening thought might explain. I converse the altar and the wound, The flesh and spirit. At the heart of deduced belief Is reason, not reasoning. When this occurs, Then the … Continue reading Pn On or Om?


Many of my thoughts, Thoughts such as these, Are laid before me, Are spread out, Like grasses that are fresh And green to the touch. As though strewn And are not unlike Confetti in celebration. Written across somewhere Not unlike Graffiti. Not to sound too silly, They are markers in time. Woods in winter, Lived … Continue reading Mind


There is precious little to brandish Forging my way Through these twilight years. A couple of hours in a daze, A day off, covered in haze. A cliff edge path on which to sleep walk Towards the snow hollow of myself. I need some final awakening, Some super set of problems To sort me on … Continue reading Inconsequential


Where to?Route Or map?MapVia route?Well,There is nothing to decide,At this time.Nothing here to see,Not field or Cane.For here we are sugarless.We are the non so sweetBy our own devices,Simple underlings.So will it beRoot canalOr birth Canal?Or a cut to a laiden womb.And what then of the emperors biome?Once more into the breechIt is,Until death.Then afterwardsThese … Continue reading Chambers

Datum 1

There was once a row of face masks,Fate masks if your like.Regimented, they wereHanging off everyone of our faces.We viewed our worldThrough the slitsWe had been allowed for our eyes.What we were shown or watchedBecame all that we knew.Not quite a bubble of breathBut nearly.We stood together for years, in rowsNot understanding the true reason … Continue reading Datum 1