Flower Box in Springtime

Springtime in Buckland Brewer Devon Picture ©2020 Christopher Thompson All rights reserved There is a tree at the bottom of the garden of the house I live in. Around the base are these flowers, and this small box. Last summer when we came here it was mid summer and the undergrowth hide the box from … Continue reading Flower Box in Springtime

Two to the Power

It is not in X or Y, It is to the power of two.


Hawking from amongst the shadows of dusk,

Was I? (Am I Not Twenty Three Forever)

And if I am tired, With aching bone or tightening sinew. Or dogged at night With a witch of love. Or because of some distant love, Find I am lonely. Then once again my arms are out, I am on fire screaming, Whenever I am told, I am old. ©2020 Christopher Thompson All rights reserved … Continue reading Was I? (Am I Not Twenty Three Forever)


Yesterday I learned a valuable lesson with this blog. Lately, well for nearly 12 months I have taken to writing directly to the blog. I depended on the auto save. Mistake! Something happened and the work was not saved as a draft. Ooops... So the lesson is perhaps to write old school, pen to paper … Continue reading ERROR… LOST COMPOSITION