It was a side step

It was a side step,Alone we underwentA transformation, Blind footing our weatherInto the permafrost. It was a side stepIn a world awash and a world in drought.All over the globePeople sat and listened.There is little we can do. It was a step too farLife styles unlimited,Oxygen unrestricted,Water water everywhereAnd fire in the hills.Β©2019 Christopher Thompson


Where on the ridge of lifeDo we dwell?Desert people speaking loudly of God,Corner the world for someone else.And jungle men waiting for loveAre living free with their wonderful life. Where on Earth have The rest of us been?Us mere Earthlings. This solitary spec teeming and aliveIn the Heliosphere. Do we drift through the Cosmos,Like Galactic … Continue reading Landscape


Into the unknownAll persons trudge. The only edge beingThe avoidence of death. The hold of our next intakeGrips our automation. A loverIs the uncharted future.No stage is setOr time allocated.Being firstly shot toward the eggEveryone journeys the tube.Copyright 2019  Christopher ThompsonWritten in respose to the prompt "journey" in #introtopoetry

Screen Testing

This piece is written as my response to the word "screen ", as suggested by the daily word #introtopoetry ScreenI am no mystical mortal figure,Am not even some simplistic actor.Instead I contest each day,At this stage of life,With a struggleWholey within the totality of reality.I am not,Not of the silver screen.I am neither a bit … Continue reading Screen Testing

Poem for fate

This is not a clenched fistOn the end of my clunky wrist.The grip is hereTight on this pencil,On the witOn the page.There is also a grasp,Where there is a wider understanding.The Universe will wend it wayRegardless of the risky philosophy Found herein.There is no unattended intention Other than an attempt at trans-fiction.Whether this becomes a … Continue reading Poem for fate