It is like the soft sharp top of a pencil. It waters you down, it wears you away. It is not quite a buckle, but a it is safe enough to be going on with. It is not a mere stick of wood, you have to have lead in your pencil. You have to hold … Continue reading Scribe

Wrist Easy

Here is a simplistic EDM made with a new software. It is a raw training piece made as I discover the capabilities of the programme. But nonetheless I think it is worth listing here. Wrist Easy (edit 1 export 1) Music, words & picture ©2020 Christopher Thompson All rights reserved.

Right Hand or Left? Nailed

On one hand, then again on the other hand, One has shorter, one longer. There are strings for both, The same strings. Over the ridge for some Picking for others. No time for a plectrum, Only time to strum. The guitarist, The hands. Copyright 2020 Christopher Thompson All rights reseved

Masks for the making of the man.

There are masks and there are masks! Our childish masks are simple, amusing, memorable for the future. Funtimes from childhood on which we look back with fondness and warmth. Lucky Bag or Christmas Cracker, it is unimportant to the instence of time. The joy, the laughter, the love and the giving, these are the real … Continue reading Masks for the making of the man.

In One Leap – Staffordshire to Devon

Here I have the look of a gazed being, showing neither contentment or honesty. Here you see no glimmer, no proof of life, no proof other than perhaps a ghostly image conjured out of the realm of a disjointed imagination, A phantasm of proton gradient architecture, being just another needle in just another haystack, stacked at the end of just  another equation.


Here is the very green cut. And the sap shows itself as a running Clear juice in the vial of time. On a gradient of eternal length, Is balancing a Proton awaiting the descent. A crib and a grail are the story A mystery. No matter. Here is a servant dead, The very force of … Continue reading Mystery