Flower Box in Springtime

Springtime in Buckland Brewer Devon Picture ©2020 Christopher Thompson All rights reserved There is a tree at the bottom of the garden of the house I live in. Around the base are these flowers, and this small box. Last summer when we came here it was mid summer and the undergrowth hide the box from … Continue reading Flower Box in Springtime

What is my equine view?

In my view there are colours. There are slopes of valleys, two horses and trees. There is a single fence. There are many hedges, old hedges, well used hedges, tended, trimmed. Markers of time too, traditional edges to Devon fields. Many small gifts appear. There are cats here. Stand a while in the moment, this … Continue reading What is my equine view?

Two to the Power

It is not in X or Y, It is to the power of two.

COVID-19 High Risk Near Miss

Here in England, well more precisely Devon, I have been following the progress of this awful infection. It has been a remarkably fast moving spread. From a modern Chinese city setting, to a global pandemic in so short a period is more than remarkable, it is shocking. This is a possible Armageddon scenario unfolding in … Continue reading COVID-19 High Risk Near Miss


Hawking from amongst the shadows of dusk,

Was I? (Am I Not Twenty Three Forever)

And if I am tired, With aching bone or tightening sinew. Or dogged at night With a witch of love. Or because of some distant love, Find I am lonely. Then once again my arms are out, I am on fire screaming, Whenever I am told, I am old. ©2020 Christopher Thompson All rights reserved … Continue reading Was I? (Am I Not Twenty Three Forever)