In Anamnesis (because this time will never leave you)


If the first thought was of love
The second must be of obsession.
There is no getting rid

No good riddance

of these feelings.

Liking or loving or contentment,
Neither is harmful,

You are not alone,
But the question is begging are you?
Love needs to be reciprocal.

You are living your feelings
So you are definite.


And the eyes have it to the right.
Now where is your head,
Where are your heels?

Submerged, you may forget to breathe.
Do not panic.
It’s just like palpitations.

Then there is the force,
Or rather the drive to consider.
You need to talk.

But do I?

Don’t begin at the beginning
You will be a bore.
Just be like it is.

Countenance is measurable
Just be real.

Do not burst open,
Just blow your flame gently.
Rise up, but also know your limit.

If falling over your words
Causes laughter,
You are like a Princess, and charming.

Do not grip your heart
In a steel gloved hand,
Rather offer it openly as your gift.

You cannot lose
That which you freely give.
In truth your love is always present.

Be patient.
Love wonders a meandering path.
Your route to another’s heart is understanding.

It is no more than that.

If you land on deaf words
Relax and touch your own heart.
Firstly you are misunderstanding your situation.

Secondly you are at cross paths.
You are kind but you are mistaken.
So leave your love to go.

Letting your lover go.
Is the hardest way, however.
In anamnesis, this time will never leave you.

©2014-19 Christopher Thompson All rights reserved

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