We had a parting of the ways,

The foot and the heart.

And the healing is ongoing.

Time, the universal medicinal

Is renamed healer on Earth.


We live on a ball in a cage.

There are forces for bars,

And the cage is vast,

Nonetheless it is a cage,

We are captives.

There are thinkers aloud,

Also in some waysides

There are thinkers allowed.

But it remains impossible

To reason a way

Out of the cage.

No biology can escape.

Whilst each mortal

Is in some sense,

Their own singularity,

In every sense

No one gets past

Their allotted event horizon.

Neither flesh or spirit

Has Ultimate Will.

Only Will has power.


Power possesses no Will.

Whatever you want.


You Want.

C2019 Chris Thompson

All Rights reserved.

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