There may be reason yet

There may be reason yet

To change a mind.

To turn a mind

Towards me.

I hope nothing I say

Will harm us.

I have a will to avow

My testament,

On account of love.

My flag is lowered

To those last hours of our

Morning skies.

We were drawn

For a time at dawn.

Withdrawn by twilight.

And I am saddened

By these lost times.

Destiny is weaker

When eyes close the mind.

I have set a seal on distraction,

On yesteryear.

Today I wax lyrical

At the sea

And search on.

I settle just now

Near a coast.

Again I build on sand.

Middle lands are far

Up country.

And I am past the point

Of no rebirth.

I reflect more than attract,

I have skipped more tracks

Than remain to be played.

If only now I had

The point you once made.

c2019 Chris Thompson