Equilibrium: 1st night in Devon.

I am to be found somewhere,

On some spectrum.

A door opened

The light shot in.

Some of that light

Got to me.

That light has

Covered me,

Some was absorbed.

I am content

With my position,

And my colour is not


I am where I belong.

I am a My of my

And that is all.

The colour wheel of life

Is revolving and not evolving,

It drifts in space in its entirety.

In each turn

It is centred on itself.

Each spectral marker

Equally spaced,

Is both individual

And complimentary.

Correctly positioned

Everything being necessary

To the whole.

C2019 Christopher Thompson

One thought on “Equilibrium: 1st night in Devon.

  1. I wrote out a playlist. It had to do with colour. It was an allegory for the creation story. The first song was I’m blue by Eiffel 65, and ended with “colour everywhere” Christian Bautista.

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