Reject or rework?

Two works binned. Withdrawn due to obedience to the rule of popularity. No one liked. They were probably too obscure to have any appeal. Though not quite catastrophic, a lesson to be learned. Press publish only if you truly seek to be understood.

I wrote these poems to express myself. The force within was real, it was genuine. I simply failed at the first attempt. For now their status is that of the rejected. However I suspect they will reappear in a new reworded form.

If I am to be true to myself, I must find a better way of expressing my subject.

Christopher Thompson.

3 thoughts on “Reject or rework?

  1. Ive got writings scheduled for basically the rest of the month. I am working for the next 2.5 weeks during the day at school, as well as tutoring 3 nights a week and all day Saturday.
    I’m fucked. I don’t know what story to tell, what I’m writing or where I’m going with it. I’m hoping that it will unravel and reveal itself to me as each day passes… if my words may lead to a revelation within/of/To myself.

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      1. I have plenty of snippets of adapted and appropriated lines and rhymes. It’s really that they don’t lead anywhere, except in the same circles again and again. I’m not worried by it. I just want to hopefully one day make sense of it

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