Lookout PT 2. I’m in Holland

It was a just like having a bit of fun
With a green grocer,
Only grittier.
There were pups everywhere.
This girl certainly knew her onions.
I was glad base camp was low.
There would be much rifling through
And I was in need of rest.
I reached to extinguish the light,
Nice shade and a lovely red too
I remarked.
The earlier commotion
Was started by accident.
I had a finger in the dike,
Not fully understanding
The extent of my obligation.
Had I known at the start
Exactly the extent and variability
Of vegetation,
I would possibly have avoided
Veganism altogether.
I slept with my breathing open
And my mouth firmly shut.
I did this as a holding strategy.
Trying to hold her off
For as long as possible.
I knew her to be an early riser
I feat I am unable to achieve,
Well not at present.
Expectations could not be met.
There would be consequences.
Even so I never claimed
To have any of the attributes
Of a genuine barrow boy.
How I ever got into this
I'll never know.
It was all becoming Dutch to me.

To be continued.
©2019 Chris Thompson.

"lookout" is a subset series