This being a solitary effort,
A kind of one way channel,
And Me being somewhat
A none return valve type,
Means I am bereft
Of any interlocutor.
Solo, I transmit into space.
Extra terrestrial reception
Is very unlikely.
My timescape is fore shortened
By all attempts to sweep the heavens.
Lacking an Aerial I recite alone, again.
In practice my message which is
Traveling about one cubit,
From my elbow to my nib,
Describes how it feels to write.
So this is It.
I'm not very moved,
Well not tonight.
The End.

©2019 Chepstow Throgmortensen.

Aka Christopher Thompson

One thought on “Proxy

  1. I’m more Rapunzel and Ariel, but I’m sure I could help transmit messages across to conjoin with yours. I’m fairly loud and obnoxious, my right ear even has its own aerial.

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