Inner Circle


Too understanding
The men in cloaks
Are thus easily neutralised.
Truth and understanding
Will prevail.
Be it string theory
Or loop quantum gravity?
Few will be told of this dilemma.
The quarkiness of life
Can become we all consuming.
Some are best left defeated
he two headed headless coin
We once gave to Caesar,
Would fall flattest now,
That we have this
Newly discovered space.
The blank stare
Then the smile
The blank stare
Then there of nought.
Not even the waving of smoke
Or fairground mirrors.
There are however
Comings and goings
Who else has knowledge of
Such that is found on the pages
Of trenchant books on physics.
Alternative rules to swallow.
Y now equals
These decimal places.
All is nothing,
Then all is everything.
Spontaneously vanished
And appearing over again.
Time is no longer of the essence
Time it seems to me is the new hunger.
Everywhere is in its place.
Any room for love?
Oh for an equation of love!
There is room here for love
Here is always somewhere.
And that somewhere is found
Near the base,
Next to the basement
Of the Heart.

©2019 Christopher Thompson.
All rights reserved.

I have been listening to a BBC Podcast from the series The Life Scientific. In the episode Carlo Rovelli talks about why time is not what it seems. The topic is discussed with presenter Jim Al-Khalili. The poem is the result of my brief exposure to the concept of Loop Quantum Gravity.

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