Diary Entry of a Zygote

In my confinement,
I have never seen the horizon.
It is not possible
With eyes down trodden.
I am all awash with life.
I have only my shadow
With which to navigate,
And I am small.
Any light which falls on me
Is easily switched off
So I will loose my direction.
All my books have blank pages,
So my hours are spent in white out.
From cover to cover,
I am covered in Winter all my days.
If I were able to touch you
Then you would feel my pain.
When I speak to you,
Like now, you listen for a while.
But I am truly out of reach,
Out of everyones' reach.
I divide my time and grow.
I am connected, yet alone.
I am sustained, for now.
My one fear is interruption.
Or a vacuous death,
Unconsulted, unheeded, unneeded.
The Goal is to achieve full term.
Until my time arrives,
Like everyone else,
I wait my outcome.

©2019 Christopher Thompson
All rights reserved.

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