The Gemba is the Dojo (Yokoten Kai)

Here then is the place

Where the transformation takes place,

This is the Gemba.

Here is found only the purest work.

This requires concentration,

Attention to detail.

Standardised activity,

Conformance and responsibility.

This is where planning,

Understanding, practice,

Learning and further practice.

Honing of learned ability,

Is trained in, continuously.

Doing it right, first time.

Here then we can say,

The Gemba is the Dojo.

This is where we do

What we do.

This is the place of practice.

This is how we do it.

Here is the pace of improvement.

It is a valuable place to us.

Here we acknowledge

There is no best,

Only better.

We seek improvement horizontally.

We ask of and we share with all.

All that is possible for us

Is in turn possible for you.

Yokoten Kai.

C2019 Christopher Thompson.

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