A View From The Top. (first sight)

From this edge

I can watch and listen.

Godlike? No.

More birdman, more like.

I might be a Sparrowman today,

Or Johnny Rook,

As yet I am undecided.

What I am definitely not

Is Deity, well not today.

Again I find myself

On the fence.

This is not metaphorical.

I am genuinely on a fence.

I have the balance of

A Tightrope Walker

And a head for heights.

These are very good traits

For a balancing act, like me.

However I possess

A birdlike head for figures.

One plus one equaling a feather

To my avian way of thinking.

Yes I make a better bird

Than banker.

But then, I’m not here to make up numbers.

I leave that to other feather heads.

No I’m here sitting on the fence

So as to be able to observe,

Cogitate and opinionate.

I do this,

On all matters spotted or herd.

In truth, sit on this fence for the avoidence

Of any compulsion to Pontificate.

And not only that.

By sitting on the fence

I never have to commit.

By seeing both sides

I maintain a balanced view.

The down side is

I have nothing to do.

C2019 Christopher Thompson

All rights reserved.

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