I arrived here fresh from a pen and paper world.

A phone box, post box, telegram world.

A bus not private car, means of getting around.

A coal fire heated room, a cold house, jack frost in the morning world.

A rug and linoleum cold slipperless world.

The world of monochrome photographs

And unreliable, yes unreliable,

Monochrome, two channel, 1960’s television.

Of the get up and adjust, get up and clunk dial

From channel one to channel two.

And of a daytime Test Card TV

Broadcast so engineers could repair

Our unreliable sets.

No morning TV, No daytime TV

No 24 hour TV.

There were not even:-

Colour TV,

Satellite TV,

Cable TV,

No Streaming services,


Remote control,

Digital catchup TV,

Reel to reel tape recorders,

Or stereophonic sound,

Or eight track players

Or cassettes,

Or radiograms,

Or music centres,

Or stereo record players,


Or landline telephones in homes,

Or telephone answering machines,

Or PC Computers

Or mobile cellular phones,

Or Apps

Or texting, sms, IM, DM,

Or Video Messaging/Facetime,

Or social Media,

Or Internet

Or email,

Or WiFi

Or digital cameras,

Or digital quartz watches,

Or Microwaves,

Or Hairdryers,

Or Electric Kettles,

Or Cordless anything:-



Hand Drills,


Hedge trimmers,

Lawn mowers,

Rechargeable batteries.

There were fewer shops,

There were no retail parks,

No shopping centres, or Malls.

No Multi Screen Cinemas

No motorways

No McDonald’s,


No Pizzas

No Costa

No Starbucks,

No Indian Restaurants,

No Charity Shops.

Things were bleak.

Christopher Thompson.