Ever Been Ever Green

I am committed

Well I should be.

Because, here I have met them all.

In psuedes and their spouses.

The many,

Also called the collective.

Grouped as arranged.

This is their corner of comfort.

Cybersphere space.

Lovely, this is a lovely space.

An all comers gallery.

An hopefuls open stage.

All life is presented here

And more often misrepresented.

Here are the columns and wants

Of the unfortunate hopefuls,

And the gangly thirds, too.

Daily I commute to this stool

I join the congregation infernal.

This is where I can be spoon fed

The concentrates of life,

The gifted, the holy stoned.

They speak like the famed

Yet are in every sense

The unforgivable, being showered

In self tributes.

Indeed I count myself

Among this troupe.

We who are in fact, barely included

In the sad procession

Of The Truely Forgettables.

The Cybersphere is overflowing

With the blue winged parrotlets

Who, though now very much eggless

Are still clamouring for recognition.

Whilst the reality remains

They can only be counted among

The vast hords of Haven’t Ever Beens.

(c) 2019 Christopher Thompson

All rights reserved