At All Othertimes I Police Myself

If I am being simple,

I will take my share,

I will carry the blame.

Because simple is unforgiven

In this present complex worldliness.

By such do we live,

Enduring these hard hours.

According to social norms

I am required.

So I divide my time,

I comit where I can,

When I can.

Doing my bit conscienciously

And always for applause.

And afterwards?

I genuflect

And am relieved.

I then leave.

(c) 2019 Christopher Thompson

5 thoughts on “At All Othertimes I Police Myself

  1. And with that said, the lamp is off and so am I. The morrow, wherein you already dwell is fast becoming mine. I am but forty minuten from the cauldron hour so politely I say good night e. Chris T. (Poet to the extent of logic).


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