Exegetical Beekeeping Part 2

The ways of truth are deceiving.

One Man on a Planet,

One Planet in a System

One System in a Galaxy

One Galaxy . . .

It is easy to get carried away.

Mathematics is actually no better.

Miracles help, it is true.

But where if ever, is the proof,

Or at least the Spiritual Certainty?

It all hangs on faith.

A man on the planet,

Says the planet is in a system,

The system is in? ?

It is easy to be carried away.

True there are white specs in night sky.

True a yellowish sphere comes and goes.

Ditto with “the moon”.

But in reality?

Well knowledge of course offers answers.

And numbers too.

But try explaining these simple things,

Do not try trigonometric theory

On sheep.

They might just retort,

Is it on The Book?


Lambs continue to skip

Through the doors of the abattoirs.

Some on specific days of the week.

The Shepherd knows his flock,

He knows already,

Who will respond to the click of

The shearers clippers,

Or the edge of the slaughterhouse knife.

It is never really about giving

More, even more,

About taking,

To be construed. . .

C 2019 Christopher Thompson

All rights reserved.

One thought on “Exegetical Beekeeping Part 2

  1. One to one counting sheep on the abacus. The arbiter chooses which sun to venerate and which son to venison. Lamb chops tonight


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