Exegetical Beekeeping. Part 1

All is present

All is not correct.

Collected, there is a whole.

It can be considered complete.

Everything that will be

And everything that has gone before

Is everything.

Nothing lost, no less

Nothing gained.

This describes the universe

Or verses.

Not so much U.

Not so much

“I Am”

More a case of

It Is.


All is not good.

This is no mere equation.

Events unfold thus;

Someone takes a risk.

This someone describes


Others take notice.

As Shepherds perport to know

Their sheep.

So it is, with this certainty,

The others,

The ones who took notice,

Are certain to follow.

So begins a revelation.

Some might view this

Rather as a risk takers curse.


The unknowing among us

Take a line of least resistance

And make a bolt to escape,

They never make it to the gate.

There is no gate.

Those who took notice

Are, for now held in the pen.

It is the pen of belief.

Not quite faith,

That High State requires a leap,

That comes much later.

To be construed. . .

C 2019 Christopher Thompson

All rights reserved.

One thought on “Exegetical Beekeeping. Part 1

  1. From one Christ to another (antichrist, or antiKrist, or kreyest (Kr-eye-sT)). You are an observant one. Where are you in your anima-l farm? For I know where my pieces fit when you display before me and array of metric memes expressed in play. If yours is not a farm but a field, I have many options to manifest my being within your world.
    Lamentation of a weary soul. In my quest to rewrite biblical scripture, I would be honoured if you wanted to contribute in any way. Your words and ideas, I mean. As the thought and the form are what holds the most value to me.


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