Desert Dryness and The Cosmos

At the tenth commandment

I lost interest, a bit.

In all truth,

I’d been struggling

Since the Tree of Knowledge

And that reptile debarcle.

It all seemed a bit

Mad Hatters Tea Party to me.

OK they probably would have lost me anyhow,

After the Stoning of Stephen

Or likely somewhere

Along the Road to Damascus.

Now don’t get me wrong,

People have died because

Of misunderstanding.

I like preying.

But I find libraries a bit dry

A bit dull,

That’s why my good book

Has so many pages left


Now The Cosmological Argument,

That it don’t.

©2019 Christopher Thompson,

All rights reserved

One thought on “Desert Dryness and The Cosmos

  1. How funny. I apparently introduced myself to my husband as Steve..? LOL I really hate Steve, he’s such a fucking jerk. If I wasn’t the antichrist for funsies, he’d be the antichrist for realsies.


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