Tide Line (thoughts of Bude)

You have noticed me

How could you not?

I am of the shore,

To which you are drawn.

I am the familiar small wave

Running up at your feet.

I cool you, and you dance away.

This new beach is home.

I am foam, you?

You are mine to delight.

I withdraw only to rush on my return,

I have your touch on mind,

And I swill you and you are refreshed.

But there are others of this tide

And they are prone to dash.

Be careful of their swell,

Their lair is of the deep.

Where as I bring simple comfort

These others will sweep you

Of your feet.

Keep my small measure in mind,

Beware those that would roll you

And crash you to the sand.

©2019 Christopher Thompson.

All rights reserved.

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