A Quantum Spanner


How long

Is a piece of string?

Here is a lounge for example.

Now consider,

How long is the time line?

We are all of us, aboard

For the following questions,

Like it or not.

Also, has the line got to be linear?

And, if for example,

If a timescape were ever to be sketched

Would the skyline

Be a representative value,

Of the true time line?

That is, could it ever be

An accurate likeness of now,

Or, even now, or then.

Or perhaps more to the point,

Over there, easy over, on the far side?

Where would you plot the line

So as to pilot your string correctly?

Entangled, you may in fact be,

Here, there or everywhere.


What is the point?

Where is a good place to place your point?

Where indeed is a good place to P?

Finally, crucially,

What is the present direction of the wind?

C 2019 Christopher Thompson

All rights reserved

4 thoughts on “A Quantum Spanner

  1. Lol, are you suggesting i reinstate my Rapunzel avatar? Well yes, my hair does get everywhere. But that can be read about in the history of my blog. And that may explain why people are obsessed with hair, string theory and quantum entanglement. Ariel had red hair and gave up her voice for some legs. I gave up my face and name and got burned for it.


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