Let’s do Keys (1)

Humble keys, symbols of?

At its very least, one 🔑 key

Is proof enough of Humanities

Inhumanity to itself.

Shattered trust,

Resulting in shuttered hopes.

Everyone held under lock and key.

With every turn of a key

The deadlock on love is proved.

We are the Prisoners

Locked in by our own devices,

All for the sake of Self.

If trust were a treasure

The irony of it is

We would place it in a safe.

Obviously for safe keeping.

But who could hold the key?

©️2019 Christopher Thompson

All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Let’s do Keys (1)

  1. This is a “flash” re-run. However. The concept of an enemy is void if trust is universal. The point surely is, the treasure of trust locked away, is absurd. The question of key holding is used as a trigger for further contemplation. The notion that the key holder, being a trusted enemy is a plausible option is at first glance considered a clever solution. However there is a difficulty with having an enemy as as trustee. It has not been established whether or not the true status of the so called enemy is known to the one who is doing the trusting. It is unlikely to be the case that anyone knowingly trusts their enemy.


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