Quandary Mechanics

What follows is not a discussion

Neither is it theft.

Neither is our examination

By any means to be considered a conclusion.

The steerum theorem.

There are many steps to our assent.

Baby steps in the great scheme of things.

Giant steps to the timid.

Not gigantic, like a solar flare,

Or Nebula.

Or even to the Shepherd,

Coaxing lambs from the hillside.

They too, have their staircase to surmount.

Perhaps they secretly wish for the flatlands life.

Some among the scholars describe life as growth.

As the body grows so does experience.

The rub here is how to measure experience.

Then the age old question of size,

Comes sharply into focus.

So now standing astride the mounting myth,

These questions remain.

Does size matter?

Micro or macro, quantum or Stella?

And what is the actual answer

To the question of Self.

©2019 Christopher Thompson

All rights reserved