Here is a full heart

That I can finally pass to you,

Full and brimming.

I have spilled nought of myself

From this vessel of life.

It has been my hope and my containment

Which has brought me through.

I have nurtured and held gently back

My first flush of youth perfectly preserved.

Working towards my future days with you.

I have willingly waited an age.

I have lived away

But loved you intensely over the distance.

I have made ready my gift, I have it here,

But where are you?

C2019 Christopher Thompson

All rights reserved


6 thoughts on “Anticipation

      1. flipping me gibblets in a skillet, for snicker snackers later.
        Lamentations! *face palm* Alas, I am at a loss for direction. 5 dimensional floating and absorbing and passing by and through things is awescindiary! But Sindel and taken and Kitana is kitkat-breaking over which way to break the fingers. Somewhere.

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            1. Looks a ze chronometer on the right. Gaffer is algorithm time. Must just after 11 in Ox.
              The southern cos, ( too Greek too), sorry Cross sprang to mind. I wonder what the flea pits are like Down Under? You’ll never k nmoe says the voice on his left shoulder. ( umm bloody stage left again). Listening out for his prompt, considers second attempt at soliloquy. Time must be getting on in Ox. Reckons it probably safer to leave it for now. Turns to audience, racking brains like plates in a dishwasher, and thinks, what’s this play about? Bet H. Zpinter never had a part like this. Famous Polish playwright Zpinter was obsessed with kitchen sinks too.
              Moves down stage to the footlights, glares out into the auditorium (too Latin), and delivers soliloquy, much to the chegrin of the paying bums on the seats. ” me thinks Sydney Harbours many strange and gifted individuals. There are probably loads of opportunities to decome a Deciple out there. I bet you can Deciple before 11.30 am most Mondays”.

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