Treasured Space

We all have our stored sensitivities,

Not exactly hidden,

More placed away for safe keeping.

We have them guarded.

We amble on knowing exactly,

Exactly where they are.

Also knowing why it is important

To, to hold on to them.

These are not objects or things

Of which I speak.

I refer precisely to

Periods of time or events earlier.

The soaking in emotions

And the drenchings of the soul.

Of forest dawns and that first light.

The synchronicity of the sudden.

Of discovery, and of someone significant.

Like having the searing heat of a desert,

In someone of whom the sands of Time

Will not allow to pass beyond memory,

Or be filtered out and into the distance.

This kindred heart beats slower now

But is still for the sake of the treasures shared.

And that two true interlooping spirits

Abide safe in my treasured space.

C 2019 Christopher Thompson

All rights reserved

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