To What Is Time Itself Tethered?

Time is the media within which the experience of existence is psychologically exhibited. Whether conscious or not, time exerts its effects regardless of any of our sensory and psychological responses to the notion of being. Time is the absolute. It is evident in the corporeal state of organisms which inevitably cease to be viable as live entities. They exist postmortem as their constituent elements.

Linear West, Circular East?

Arrows of time or loops?

Attempts at harbouring the knowledge

Of the Universe amounts to naught.

There are no harbour walls

Within which to seek safety

From these arguments.

Not in this neck of the Cosmos.

And 4?

And me?

Well being as I am the Philosophers Friend,

I take my leave to speak in riddles too.

What in all of existence has value?

Who has worth?

Is the search for sustenance the primary jolt of reasoning ?

And what came first

The food or the thought?

©️2019 words and picture Christopher Thompson

All rights reserved

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