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This feeding of character's
Brings us not to a rising,
With atop of it, a spelled castle.
This is no fairy tail.
It cannot be sugared
There is no Walt hereabouts.
This feeding of characters
Is all consumed by
And solely concerned with,
A paying audience.
This is harsh provision.
Or else it seeks to persuade.
All ease and comfort in life
Is described as available.
All is not as it seems.
Service is just a front.
Features are a front.
The objectification of happiness
Is now what has become objectionable.
What is really transacted is immersed
Within the code.
Everyone who was once a moving target
Is become easy prey.
We are just ducks in a row,
Staring down at our simple screens.
We are accustomed customers,
By proxy.
We are nudged towards
The cash register in our hand.

©2019. Christopher Thompson
All rights reserved
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