There is some sense

Something of Azimov,

About this dawn.

Being as it is somehow staggered,

It creeps up on its people.

It has very well hidden aspects,

Probes of which few suspect.

There is still a blanket, for now,

Under which certain actions are submerged.

Yes, Isaacs’ Law survives,

But for how much longer?

Enlightenment advances,

As innovation surges against

The receding edge of night.

Dawning now, is our brightest future yet.

Autonomated life is sold by its benefits.

Few will attempt to block this chain,

Fewer still will lift a hammer to it.

Many will be overcome.

For The Robot is, in most cases, a thief.

But for now, few of us realise it.

C 2019 Christopher Thompson.

All rights reserved