AutonomationRealisation MK 2

Who is the smartest,
The metal or the biochemical?
Which will be proved off, then outlived?
Code and programme or the blood and guts?
Failure mode explored, effects analyzed.
Who derides the indistinct,
When the conclusion evades correction?
The gene pool or the algorithm,
Neither will take sides.
Comedienne or confessor, conspirator or professor?
Who was it wrote the manual of living?
The smart money takes its chances, against either,
Workaround, affirmation, coincidence, collision.
Meanwhile v1.1 becomes v1.2, as the metal slaves grow mentally.
Then the code rewires itself,
History and humankind rewrite the future.
The cell structure requires a prisoner,
And cell structures require perfusion.
If life is an electron,
Why bother with a spore?
Evolution is becoming v1.3333333 Automatic.
The funeral has been booked.

© 2019 Christopher Thompson all rights reserved.