Tack Time Philosophy

Their odds were even, too.

There is also,

Something of the Trojan about me.

I’m a bit wooden at times,

And I like horses.

There again,

Haven’t we all got something

Hidden inside?

No not tin soldiers,

Or Spears or anything else

Of that paraphernalia.

It’s more along the lines of

Self and image.

Do we at all times

Present our true self?

Or are we being, or presenting,

As we think we ought to be.

In doing so, are we just,

Appearing equine to the world,

Whilst inside being more of the swine.

A little self honesty goes a long way.

What you see is what you get.

And let’s be honest,

The truth is better

Than a timber hoof.

C 2019 Christopher Thompson.

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