On the Eve of Reason

Each is historical,


Each is an onion.


We are onion dwellers,

In an umbrella universe,

We are cotton absorbent.


Everyone has a past.

Remember this.

We are made of many layers.

We are all growing older.

We live on a world of

Complex depths.

As the universe expands

So does the depth of our knowledge.

Everyone is making history.

Remember this.

Not everyone has high intellect.

Not everyone has capacity in compassion.

Not everyone understands.

But everyone has cares to love,

Even after themselves.

This is true purpose,

This is true expression.

Like for like

And for life again.

Hearts beat out the subtle rhythm

Which compresses life into a moment,

And sustains the soul.

It is the hope of human kind.

It is the time of human kindness.

It is the filter of fear.

It makes love horizontal, for all.

It levels and soothes.

The subtle rhythmic pulsating

Nodule and spark is alive.

The energy is for life and Goodness.

If God distills love to its core,

Then Good becomes thermic,

And the soul is released

From the shackles of wealth.

And love is astronomically shared.

If there is a particle of truth,

Is detector will be found not within

The mind of humanity,

But embedded in the heart, the soul.

Here too, I identify as a person.

I further identify as the conduit for love.

And love is the sole reason.

Copyright 2018 Christopher Thompson.

All rights reserved.

24th December 2018, Cannock, England.