Those of us who are Poets.

Those of us who are leafing through life
Are in reality like gongs in the wind of inspiration.
When we are hit we bang.
We also arc our world from mood to mind,
Then from mind to mind.
We offer ideas, or challenges,
Statements of hope or fears.
Insights and explanations,
Tokens and figures of speech.
We are become words by these efforts.
This is the Amber hum – of electric thought,
With which we are signaling our honesty,
And we do this readily.
We are on schedule to ping our message.
Being commensurate with a flash of lightning,
We divulge,
And it is delivered.
But, who is out there?
Who is prepared enough to receive?

© 2018 Christopher Thompson.

All rights reserved

Cannock England

2 thoughts on “Those of us who are Poets.

  1. Then we are of one mind. It is but a description of our state in this little corner of the Cosmos. You are also at the end of the arc. Thanks for your encouragement. Chris T.


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