Artificial Intelligence; Auto-responsive

Artificial Intelligence; Auto-responsive

No effort required

You are locked in,

We have you locked on.

No effort required.

Your next breath is subconsciously granted,

And the next,

And the next,

No effort required.

Leave everything

And everyone to us.

Your subscription

Is validated by us


No effort required.

Our systems preserve you,

Or sustain you.

Your status is confirmed.

You are viable.

Proceed without caution.

Algorithms are stable.

Our statistical inductors

Give us no

Cause for alarm.

No effort required.

Organics overridden,

We have you captured.

Isothermic regulators

Will be maintaining

Your continuum

No effort required.

Our eye is eternal.

And is constantly

And consistently monitoring.

Rest in pieces.

No effort required.

Cellular replication

Is automated.


Is regulated.

You have successfully

Been stabilised

No effort required.

Emotional responses,


Cosmetics applied.

Cognitive processing,


Cosmetics re-applied.

Digestive transit,


No effort required.

Chronological span


Existence is determined

As surplus to requirements.

No further

Improvement has been


Purposefullness accomplished.



Rest in peace

No effort required.

Life signs undetected.

Organism terminated.

Thank you for entrusting

Your life to AI.

Living with AI has enabled

You to exist with

No effort required.

Your business

Was important to us.

Your subscription

Has also been terminated.

No further effort required.

(C) 2018. Christopher Thompson.


Artificial Intelligence, Auto-responsive indicates a future state, where life is effortless and totally automated. So much so that every aspect of life is effortlessly managed by an unnamed commercial organisation. The narrative is a series of statements which are illustrative of a future where the needs and wellbeing of people has been contracted out by individuals. It infers that life is basically effortless due to a total reliance on artificial Intelligence.

The individual has abdicated all responsibility and is compliant with the idea of an allocated lifetime or “chronological span” as determined by the caring process.

Once the persons time is used up the caring process euthenizes the subscriber.

The dependent life is not described other than in the cold terms of an automatic environment and an equally automated pathway to death.

Christopher Thompson copyright 2018

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