Cut to the Chase

Famed or picturesque

Its colours blend so easily.

Autumnal days.

The year has rolled round.

Summers gateway closes.

Rich red feeds the coming Winter

Like a force for life, like blood.

And brown leaves in this sunlight

Seem golden.

This is our forest.

This is The Chase.

The place of Deer.

Industrious too.

Now it is reduced to nothing.

Not even a cold, cruel winter coal face.

A coal face, long abandoned over time.

A dead mine lurking unseen.

Among the remnants of ancient woods,.

Those very fossils which were to be mined.

The black rocks of power remain in situ undisturbed.

Fossilised is also a descriptor for our miners.

People who are no longer required,

Not even as carbon copies of themselves.

History’s incinerator

Has reduced these lost livelyhoods to Ash.

Today’s woodland is rooted in the very fibre

Of history in the making.

As future coal they will be overlooked.

As carbon they will be useless.

C 2018 Christopher Thompson.

Cannock Chase is an area of outstanding natural beauty in the English Midlands. An historic woodland on the South Staffordshire Coalfield.