And at the x

There was an ending,

Well more of a pause.

I had, no pulse or salvation.

And I can say through experience,

There was never any light

At the end of the tunnel.

It was just as black as a grave.

In fact,

There wasn’t even a tunnel.

It was just a fade away.

They resuscitated,

I became revived,

And am here by their efforts.

A survivor then.

Here by a jolt,

And because of someone’s care.

I have been to the departure lounge.

It was not holding a boarding card.

I did not on that occasion depart.

Then neither have I stayed.

None of us are the person of yesterday.

We change and we age,

We change and we modify,

We change and we forget.

Yet life and death are two sides

Of the same person.

I met death once, as the toss of a coin.

(c) 2018 Christopher Thompson

all righs reserved