At the Heart (an equation of love)

All that exists is Nano,

Infinitesimally discrete,

But none the less present.

And if all is present and correct

All must be correct.

Energy cannot be destroyed.

All is therefore present,

All is therefore well in the Universe.

Well that at least is comforting to know.

However is it true?

Let us for a moment

Just mirror down to life and love,

More precisely

The life and love expedited here for us.

Humankind occurs naturally.

More recently with some interventions.

These are mostly of good intentions.

This is all a matter of the nature of the physical.

Being both innate and learned behaviours.

The resulting output?

Off spring.

Those of the evolutionary bias hold

That genes are thus inherited, Passed on to the latest transferee version.

In so doing chance is given its chance, so to speak.

In life there are large letters

And there are tiny letters.

There are significant numbers

And minnow numbers.

Each brings their energetic contribution

To the occasion or equation.

Which ever, being dependent on

Individual persuasion.

In all of this, where is love?

The guilty or the guillotine?

Well that speaks greatly of judgement

And consequences.

Than wherein resides love?

Into whose space might it be injected?

Is it of the proto or electro?

Or is love a simple catalyst

In the process of procreation?

If neither the Alpha nor the Omega,

Is its perpose for the conviction

Of chemical chance?

Thereon is the encryption passed haphazardly

Across the net of diversity,

Then imposed on the vibrations of the string of particles.

As an ensyme in and of time,

This compounds the issue.

So that here the whole sequence,

In an unorchestrated burst

Expands beyond the roof of knowledge.

What of Love then, in all circumstances?

Is it’s evolution reduced to a fantasy?

Science here resembles a phantasm, inert and ocular.

And possibly a figment of An imaginationed reality.

Where then in the Heat of The Cosmos

Is there to be found a place for Meaning and Worth?

Where would a potentiometer detect such?

Is it not in the heart of humanity?

At the heart of reasoning is the art of reason.

And what gives rise to the heart or any such as a person?

Is it not love?

And the response to love is?

(c) 2018 Christopher Thompson

all rights reserved