Comfort Me

Comfort me in my circle of time,
As I have arrive at
My grandfather's age.
There is fear enough
In this season
Autumn is a time
Of dramatic change.
Because it 
Also ushers in Winter.

When I was at my grandson age
I would sit and wonder why?
I watched like a sponge
And drained life dry.
And my mother was 
My world and my care.
I had no need of fear.
Springtime of
A very good year.

When I reached
My grandaughters teenage years
It was 1972.cropped-f-2.jpg
I thought and thought again.
I laughed at the window
Which peeps to the future,
I knew I was young and bright.
It was also an excellent year,
There was nothing there
To fear.

When I reached my daughters 
Midlife age,
What could have been
Had never unfolded.
My family life
Was Work and sleep,
And the love of my family
My world to keep.
I was a father then.

When I reached my Fathers
Early age,
There was so little life left to share.
And as his time came closer, near,
I had little or no idea.
And I heard my fathers vox.
And I watched as I let my father go.

I have arrived at
My grandfather's bench.
Where there sits fear
Enough for all.
For this is the all in season,
Believe me,
Autumn is a sobering time.
So comfort me now 
With your linear line.

© 2018   Christopher Thompson  Written in England
Rush Poem  Starte 8.14pm  Ended 8.45pm 

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