The future?


It is a little more

Than a toe, a dip and some water.

If it is no more than a dream

Physics is become displaced,

And the notion belongs wholly to biology.

All that is sensed, but has no proof,

Is simple and nervous and electric.

It is within the body,

And is nothing more.

The future mind is within the person biological.

It is where everything splits.


We each carry our own enlightenment.

Any variation is by degrees of proportional

To the intellectual capacity and the will to explore.

And the future?

We who count on moments for life

Have our noses pressed to the past.

Our future partially lies lost, hiding

In what has already been.

The border of reality,

Our linear future

Shifts ahead of us.

It forever escapes our grasp,

Our understanding,

Our attendance.

The future is being made

Right here, and at once.

(c) 2018 Christoper Thompson

All rights reserved

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