Incision (and a cut to the Psychi)

Incision (and a cut to the Psychi)

I have scars as do others

which are proofs of living.

My biggest physically, was after

The scalpel incised into my chest.

You see my time has been both extreme,

And extended.

I had my heart opened to the air

And fixed.

This, long after it had first been broken,

Injured as a cost when love had been lost.

So there are both Physical

And Other scars surrounding

My circumstance.

Then from out of nowhere,

A lender allocated me extra time.

And this now is how I am able to live and love.

For there is no more precious a spark

Than that of the heart beat which staves off death.

It is the rhythmic signature of life

And the metronome of mortality.

© 2018 Christopher Thompson

All rights reserved.