Take what you need from time

Time to be ferrous?

Silly question.

People rust while they speak.

And what is the Colour of Time?

Take what you need from time as it passes by.

Be safe in Saffron.

Do not relive time which has passed.

Let that partner to depression go.

Open your mind, then your hand.

Release your past to its fading fate.

Take what you need from time as it passes by.

Relish what is here, shorten the horizon

So it is within the blink of your sight.

Let your depth of field

For shorten your view to this very moment.

Open your voice, but do not speak.

Rest your words against your brow.

Then open your hand, open your mind,

Release your deeds to their fading work.

Love and what of it?

Your future is about yourself.

Do not be anxious of what may yet be.

Time is democratically set for each.

Your events are beyond all horizons.

Be global in your outlook,

For we are creatures of the circle and ball.

Rest your thoughts against your hand,

And your hand against your voice.

Keep silence with your duel selves

And come to know the contents of an instant

And let the air release to you its contentment.

You will then have taken what you need from time.

(c) 2018 Christopher Thompson

All rights reserved.

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