What if true is false?

Life can not be considered

As though it exists

As an envelope.

As something to be pushed.

Neither can it be closed

And stuck down, sealed.

It is not intended

For despatch.

We can also say,

That it most certainly

Can never be described

In terms of a cylinder.

Or Pythagorean?


For numbers may just be

The labels of nonsense,

As yet unmasked.

So formulate on, at will.

Evedentia, true or false?

Beware not all evedentia

Are equal!

What is true is false?

Figments of imagination?

For all we know,

Mere proofs of imagination.

Similar in scope

To the proofs of existence.

And seated at the laborious

Engine of enquiry,

Are the gentle folk

Of wisdom.

For all we know,

For nothing we know.

The three letter dilemma

Is resident in certainty.

It is stated in the eternally unanswerable,


(C) 2018 Christopher Thompson

All rights reserved.