There was a ruffle of wind

And then I noticed the brightest of the two lights.

It was the one for stop,

The other, the one for go was dim.

I obayed and stopped.

It was a full stop, a period.

There was the faintest breeze

With which to dazzle my breathing,

All this was done on the wing.

Before the flight, before the night before last.

And then came the unblinking stare.

This was my breakdown.

This is my breakdown of events.

For a full forty eight of my hours.

I was an Earthling

Mowed down by the bleeding of neurons,

Cut thus to the quick of my Mercury brain.

I had neither Helter nor Skelter

With which to navigate.

My Crown was at my knee

Or else in Heaven.

I had lost all justification.

The errand of my life

Drew back from my purpose,

I sat steady as lava.

Unable to crawl to the sea

I froze where I lay.

Time became an unmoving moment.

My existence had been paused.

I stained the ground with my fossilised body,

My mind absconded.

I became absence personified.

I cried for my mother.

I longed for my bellows to be still,

My perfusion to cease.

I wished to be dead.

I had been careful of this,

I asserted,

As if this golden wish would not be true.

That I might have death as a gift.

It was to be my present to myself, presently.

Being faulty in reasoning,

My miscalculation served to revive.

There was a second ruffle of wind.

It was the breath of inspiration,

Inspiration to go on.

(C) 2018 Christopher Thompson