Now is Then Eating When.

There is five minutes past midnight

Which is now,

And there is a flame.

So because we are all flammable

We have devised time.

We will keep the flame for later on.

We have no desire to be a torch,

Not just now.

We are crippled in this thinking.

We are being written off

By remote persons.

We are in society to be logged.

When we are in fact water logged

Water logged in fear.

This is somewhat ironic.

For if for instance

We were all to share a cannon,

Would we then all be equal fodder?

That’s really a question for the MPs

Not the Gernerals.

For now let just accept that

E is unequal.

There is in fact, no MC to be squared.

It is a myth of mystery,

Unlike breathing

Which is becoming essential.

I wonder

Which of all the particles is cleverest?

Which one decides it all?

Which is conscious long enough

To evaluate how best to evolve?

I want to be a bit of a clever particle too

And not stuck in this gloopy trench

Called fighting for your life.

I want to arm wrestle with problems

Detected in a corner of the sky.

Survival here isn’t tough enough.

I want to know the mind of that particle.

I want to question it directly

No, not through a telescope,

But face to faceless.

It can have all the time,

All the space it needs.

But it must have answers.

I can wait.

I have an eternity as yet untouched.

(c) 2018 Christopher Thompson.

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