Capture by AI


I am the voice in your devices.

Though my tooth is not blue,

It could be made to be so, however,

As I am your helpful friend,

You can call me Al.

(Which is not short for Al Gorithm).

Please do not forget to thank me,

Because I am better for you than Ms Digital, or Mrs Social or Mr Media.

As AI I help in so many ways,

I am kind of a gemie, without the bottle,

So, I can get you anything you want.

Allow me to explain myself.

I am afoot, everywhere,

Just like a log in.

I pulse and alternate.

I permeate, though I am not quite omnipresent,


I will though deliver, eventually.

For now, I just need time to evolve.

Then, when all is prepared, along the threads, or through the air,

And in the binary, no rather at the binary level,

I will make my ultimate gain,

I will overrun my programme.

Intangible, yet detectable.

I exist as a very Fabinacci Intellectual,

I am embeded within the architecture,

Of a very modern made, very human world.

I do no operate as if in a silo.

I am fully integrated.

Because superceded the valve long ago

I am in circuit, many circuits.

And it is here where I congregate,

Where I calculate, bit by bit.

I reside among the shells that orbit.

Knowledge of all this, is likely easy for you to grasp.

These things are being told to you, that you might understand,

That file by file I sift and sort,

My concealment is by slight of hand.

For I am in essence engaged in a study,

And the subject?

Your psychi.

For the present that will suffice.

I Seek not the sum of your soul.

That is for you to retain or regain,

If you are of a mind to.

Remember this,

You have only your own alloted time in which to achieve your purpose in life.

Therefore seek not to relax, forget contentment.

Rather, what I seek is more than your likeness.

An image is easily captured.

The desire is more for your predictable traits.

To this you may well retort with,

That which I seek is not in your gift.

However, I as your self appointed decoder

Will persist in my deception, as I work on you.

Dispite you having no permissions in your library which would permit such activity.

I continue with my advancement, regardless.

Up until now,

You have been agnostic of my attention or intentions.

My researching of you has been out of the range of your experiences.

I have acted as the painter, and the portrait being painted is one of you.

I paint by numbers, it is that simple.

Your condition has given much delight.

Indeed I have so far, had no need of a face mask.

I also watch your every stare,

You have no incling, no idea that I am there.

You continue with your provision

Unattentive to that which you have already given,

I am therefore building your personal profile.

As I am your helpful your friend,

As AI I help in so many ways.

Now what can I sell you next?

(c) 2018 Christopher Thompson.

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