England will let me die.

There is death around the corner,

Frighteningly, it is my death.

There is no easy way to face up to this,

The plain fact, is I am about to die.

I am two steps away from destitution.

In this sixty second year of existence

I face my finality.

And I do not know what to do.

I will Firstly become homeless.

Housing benefit is no longer available.

Forty for years of contributions

But I am unable to keep my home.

I will have no where to keep my stuff.

I will leave my life behind

In my repossessed home.

I feel abandoned by my representative.

My illnesses will kill me.

Heart cease or depression

Who cares?

I don’t anymore.

(C) 2018 Christopher Thompson

Chris T.

One thought on “England will let me die.

  1. I hope this is not true but if so maybe you can camp in front of your member’s house. Prison will have three boys and a cot. Why are you losing benefits?


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