Good Morning Everyone

The crush begins at the

West of light

Through to the East of the dawn.

At the burning candles summit.

Gone is the weighty theory

Now it is the simple story.

We were made for easy


We are that simple.

I speak here of the night.

Where darkness reigns

As Black as blindness.

It is a time

If ever there was,

A time for being in touch.

Because when the senses slide

The only important thing is

Coordination of the hand and the knee.

On all fours

Humankind feels more at ease.

The world seems vertical

And progress is made

Up the continuum of walls.

It is a touchscape

Where height is inconsistent

With stature.

No one measures you with a finger tip.

The darkness is also lateral.

All consuming of

Everything and everyone,

It’s like being enveloped in darknesses wake.

Evenso this is the place of seeds.

It is granular and consensual.

It is not intended for termination

It is about beginnings

It is likely to thrive on germination.

There is little or no time for joy,

The crush is lightening,

The circulation continues,

The night gets light.

The sun is reaching for the hat stand

The nightmarish season slows.

Thanks to the untangling of the psychi

The stream of consciousness is in order

There is a new day to discover.

Good morning everyone.

(C) 2018 Christopher Thompson